At the age of 16, Julie Bourges (@douzefevrier) was involved in an accident that left her body covered in burns. Today, she is a role model for self-acceptance.⁣ ⁣ “I love not being afraid to show what I am and to show my scars,” says Julie. "I have a bit of a warrior mentality. To be able to fall, get back up and overcome it. To be able to start over. My favorite thing about being a woman is being able to throw myself into challenges and overcome them daily.” 💪⁣ ⁣ This week, we celebrated #InternationalWomensDay with @brutamerica by highlighting women from around the world who are using their lives to encourage and empower others. Julie is seaside with us on today’s story. 🌊💙 ⁣ ⁣ Photo by @douzefevrier