PROCESS OVER PRODUCT. We believe in product not the process for example if you're sharing tips on how to get rich people need to see that you're rich first. Otherwise, we won't believe you. No matter how great your ideas are if you can't show for it, they will be rejected/ignored because as people, we love to see concrete, tangible results. If you tell someone you're changing they most likely won't believe you unless they've seen drastic change (not the progress you're making towards the change). Same thing applies in the church if you're telling people God is good, they need to see how good God is, usually by means of materialism (car, house, money). Unfortunately, God is a process God and the products aren't usually what people were expecting. He is NOT an instant gratification type of God or the do this and you will be rewarded (contrary to popular belief). Sometimes you're not winning financially but you are spiritually and emotionally but you're not celebrating those wins because you're waiting for people to see the next big thing! Forgetting that "What God is doing in our lives is more critical than the visible product"